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  1. clean with nothing detected. My original question was is clover really a trojan which was not really answered. I no longer have it, of course, but sure would like to be able to use it as it is a great utility to give tabs to file explorer and also have a bar of shortcuts to my most used folders. Any word on that???
  2. OK, I finally ran the script, but it took no time at all to run and reboot. So attached is the file it created Fixlog.txt
  3. hate to say, but there is no frst64 in my D:DATA/download directory. there is a FRSTEnglish.exe and FRST.txt. I have looked more than once because sometimes I see the forest instead of the trees. and that directory is in alphabetical order!!!
  4. I just was going to fun the file FRST64 and couldn't find it anywhere..not in downloads or recycle bin. Then I starting looking at the past messages and couldn't find where you sent it to me. Perhaps when you attached First.txt you really meant to send the other file?
  5. yes, I have not had a chance to run the script yet....hope to within the next few days.
  6. made it to Houston....the long way which included a taxi ride between PVd and Boston paid for by United. What a day!!! FRST.txt
  7. I am on a plane to Houston and will try to find time tonight to do it. After then, we will be traveling to Ft Worth and busy with all the stuff for our granddaughter’s wedding. So, it may be a while before I can get back to you, but I will when I can. Thanks
  8. done and here is the report Malware scan tonight.txt
  9. oops, I guess I jumped the gun and need to run the microsoft file I just downloaded first!
  10. funny thing...the only thing under debug is passwords.log I had ready the defender stuff, which is why I said they reported the cryptinjct file came from clover and it called it severe and apparently got rid of it!
  11. the clean ire-install was about a month ago. I see that the Cryptinject was from clover if I read it right. I assume there is no way to fix clover unless they come out with another version?
  12. ok I did the scan but don't know where to look for the results/file...it is not on the desktop...I also saw no notices of problems, either
  13. I tried to do exclusions but got worried that there could really be a Trojan. I had gone into windows defender to try to get it to ignore the clover program. Other than that, I have no other security programs and about a month or so ago, had to start the computer from scratch, so got rid of some things while reinstalling. By the way I have no idea what the rougekiller64 is or where it came from!
  14. I must be blind....I can't find the windows defender off line option anywhere! I will include a screen shot. Malwarebytes had deleted clover from my computer so you wouldn't have seen that. I reinstalled the earlier version of clover 3.04 or something like that. and I get no protests from Malwarebytes. It is versions 3.5 and 3.4 that cause the trojan message.
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