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  1. I have done the instruction above with no result alas. I can also not find any trace of Ublocker anywhere. Consider this post is remade in a new threat I post a quick picture of the issue This one will popup every 15min exactly. Weird thing is that if I do a reboot of my system, its good and stays gone, but if I do a normal shutdown and startup of my system again, it's right back from the first start of Chrome and around every 15minutes, until I do a reboot again. (Im on Win10 if that helps) Also in other posts I have read that this is suspected as a false positive? Is this the official case? If so can I then safety put this in an exclusion?
  2. Hello, Has there been any news on Ublockerext.com ? Since this is a month+ ago and my malwarebytes calls out periodic website block duo hijack still. Weirdest thing is, my Chrome doesn't have Ublock anymore, I use AdBlock since a while, I did used Ublock in the past. Is there some kind of Chrome registry thing thats holding the extension?
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