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  1. I purchased the Premium version of Malwarebytes and just downloaded the latest update. After doing so, I received a message that I had exceeded the number of changes to my computer. I guess it means that I have added/removed more hardware (my C: drive I suppose) to my PC and now the program thinks I have it installed on more than one device. The ONLY major changes to my system is that I changed my C drive to a SSD back in January of this year (2019), replaced my motherboard in October of last year, and installed new power supply some time in March or April of this year. I have removed an internal HD to save space in my computer case and I have external HD's that I use from time to time but none of them contains my Windows 10 OS. (NOTE: I keep a bare-bones backup on my old C: drive and have swapped it perhaps once or twice with my new SSD because of issues with other programs. Essentially, I use it just for emergencies.) The end result is that my License Key no longer works after downloading and installing the latest Malwarebytes update this morning. How can I resolve this issue? Thank you, Nicholas
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