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  1. @treed, I am reporting back as promised... I followed the directions for "Nuke Chrome" from this pinned link https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/236261-how-to-remove-weknow-malware-and-others/ and they worked perfectly. Chrome came up clear after reboot. Turned out that Safari was not hijacked, so the "If Safari's stuck" procedure was not necessary. Thanks for checking on my progress.
  2. Thanks, @treed. I will report back mid-week when I'm able to get in front of that machine and go through all the necessary steps. It is a bad browser hijack for sure. It makes Chrome look like it is managed by some corporate entity and gives the user a fake Settings screen that looks just like the Google Chrome Settings but down on the bottom of the screen it says "Managed by search-operator"...
  3. Okay, thanks @alvarnell I thought as much...and have read this and the link to Crossover contained in the article...I will take all those step listed.
  4. Was able to remove Advanced Mac Cleaner with Malwarebytes Premium for Home on a 2018 iMac running Mojave but still have this nasty redirect from "search-operator.com" ...How do I get rid of it manually, because MB Premium does not seem to find it. I'm afraid search-operator will drag in other malware while it is still active in Chrome and Safari.
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