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  1. Thank you for your follow-up. I installed version and indeed found that it solved the problem with the scanner functionality. Now I can leave Web Protection enabled and still be able to activate the wireless scanner from Windows, or alternatively initiate a scan from the device. Nice job. Again, thanks.
  2. OK, thank you. Possibly of future help, Brother reports the following on their website under "Firewall ports needed to allow network communication with the Brother machine": - Network Scanning: internal/External UDP 54925 - Network PC-Fax Receiving: Internal/External UDP 54926 - Network Printing and Remote Setup: Internal/External UDP 137 and UDP 161 It is, of course, quite possible that local network communication with the Brother machine requires opening ports that could also be used for malicious exploits.r
  3. I'm afraid that even with all of the Brother-related files excluded from detection, the scanner functionality will not work unless I set Web Protection to "Off". FYI, the one System32 file seemed to be related to Bluetooth, not to Brother, and I did not exclude it.
  4. I cannot identify the file / process that needs to be identified as an exclusion. I did guess at c:\Program Files (x86)\Browny02\Br\BrYNSvc.exe and also C:\Program Files (x86)\ControlCenter4\BrCtrlCntr.exe, but that was not sufficient. Thus there must be some further process different from or in addition to either or both of these. Perhaps you can identify it from the enclosed log files. I would like to proceed with identifying specific exclusions (with your help) but without completely disabling Web Protection. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Success... simply setting Web Protection to "Off" restores the scanner functionality for the wireless network printer. What would be the recommended way to force a default to this setting on system reboot?
  6. I have a new wireless printer installed on my local network. Its scanning function is blocked -- the printer is not seen -- but printing works fine. Disabling Malwarebytes, with no other changes, allows the scanning function to work in the same session. The vendor (Brother) indicates which specific UDP ports need to be opened to enable the scanning function; these are different than the UDP ports needed for printing. How can I configure MB to unblock these ports? My regular antivirus (still running) does not block the scanning function.
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