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  1. Popups from Malware getting extremely annoying. I noticed at lesst one other complaining on Google and Malwarebytes suggested as it was a lone problem it was a tech problem. Does anyoneE else find Malwarebutes Sales annoying ?
  2. I find the various links for contacting Malwarebytes very confusing. I have had a lot of trouble signing in and suspect that I am not always signing in to the forum I have registered for. I havd been in correspondence with Malwarebytes but in spite of copying the address of an email received from support.forum Malwarebytes says my user name and address is not recognised. But when I try to register a new account Malwarebytes says my username is already taken ! Trawling the web for info, I found a different URL today (https://forums.malwarebytes.org). Although it did not recognise my pass
  3. Tried to reset password. Did extremely carefully using online keyboard but your site said passwords did not match and refused to change the password. What do I do now ?: I have a serious problem and cannot use your access details to get help with it. I am about to give up on you altogether and go back to Windows 10 Forum. They seem to be a lot more use.
  4. Sorry I did not reply to this earlier. Could not get on to this site until 10th June when I finally managed to change my password from the one they were rejecting. I appreciate I am on too old a thread. Many thanks. I have given up on Kaspersky and am trying BitDefender but seems to be causing even more problems... Thanks again.
  5. I still find this incredibly confusing. What exactly do I type into the Malwarebytes Exclusions page. I gave up on Malwarebytes some time ago but decided to try it again yesterday and have bought and downloaded Malwarebytes Premium. I already have Kaspersky Total but the more I read the various discussions on avoidance of the clash between them, the more confused I get. I would be grateful for some plain directions.
  6. I have just installed Malwarebytes Premium but am puzzled by the fact that the web page continues to show a DOWNLOAD message even after activation. Do I just ignore this ? The programme definitely appears already in my Downloads file and has successfully scanned my PC
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