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  1. After reading your FAQ, but before getting your reply, Going forward, if I change any compiling options on it, will that undo your "fix"? Is our discussion here public? I would prefer not, if issues remain, for product security.
  2. My product is being flagged by a major college which uses Malwarebytes on an Endpoint Windows enterprise network. I've attached their report. I've been publishing this since 2012 with no rejections till now. It is a free educational only version. It is a spreadsheet I wrote in Microsoft Excel 2010, compiled into an executable with DoneEx software I purchased. I do have the option to obfuscate macro code turned on. Can you tell from your report that this is the issue? You can download the program in a zip file at www.kr-services.com/edu/off-the-charts-edu-v19-24.zip KR Services - Excel Spreadsheet.txt
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