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  1. Solved after running CCleaner again. Deleted the regedit key that was forcing running the .exe file You can close the topic. Thank you anyways
  2. UPDATE: Now I'm getting the following error right after I've ran CCleaner
  3. Hello, Recently I was infected with a trojan when installing somehting on my computer. After a few hours removing trash from computer, I'm still getting a cmd promp executing really fast when i'm booting the computer. Then, I was able to see that cmd always create a Schedule task named: Opera scheduled Autoupdate 2796787680 Details: I've never installed Opera before. Also, I was able to get some regedit keys when running malware bytes that I've already removed but even so, the cmd still appearing when entering on Windows. Could you please help me solving this? Thank you in advance, Fábio Baleizão
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