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  1. Thanks, that's a relief to learn its a legit file. I really appreciate your help! Fishshack
  2. Hi alvarnell, Thanks for your reply. That's totally fine to move my post if its in the wrong location. I was trying to post a sample of the actual suspected malware, but I understand from your reply that I didn't succeed in doing that. When I uploaded the Flash Player installer icon from my desktop to this site, I dragged that one installer icon from my desktop to this site, and suddenly there were 16 png files attached to my post. I don't understand why that happened but the 16 files must have been somehow nested within the installer icon. The Flash Player installer icon on my desktop that I dragged and dropped to this site looks like the screenshot of it that I also uploaded here (the last image attached to my original post). So I only uploaded 2 images but 17 images appeared. The Flash Player icon that appeared out of no where on my desktop appeared today after I logged out and then logged back in. I have ejected the Flash Player icon from my desktop. I'll research how to find the installer dmg image for next time this happens. Thanks for your reply. Fishshack
  3. Hello, I periodically am having an icon appear on my desktop that looks just like the Adobe Flash Player installer. I always throw it in the trash and empty the trash because my Flash Player is set to update automatically so I believe this is a fake installer. I have run the free version of Malwarebytes while the flash player icon is on my desktop, and it says my computer is clean. I tried uploading the file from my desktop and it doesn't show up as an option to upload from your "choose files..." button. So then I dragged and dropped the icon from the my desktop to the "Insert other media" box, and what appears looks like a series of images to me. When I select "get info" on the Flash Player icon on my desktop, it says: Kind: Volume Created: January 28, 2019 Capacity: 24.2 MB Available: 3.1 MB Name & Extension has a greyed out "Flash Player" "Ignore ownership on this volume" is greyed out and has a check mark. My System Preferences for Flash Player are set to "Allow Adobe to Install Updates". When I clicked on the check for Flash Player updates button it says I'm up to date. I have NPAPI Plug-in version installed. My question is: Is this icon on my desktop a virus or malware? I apologize in advance if I'm posting this to the wrong subforum. I just want to help by providing a copy of this sketchy seeming file. I have taken a screen shot of the icon and have uploaded it using the "choose files..." button. The JPG screenshot is called "Fake Flash Player Icon?.jpg" Thanks for your help. Fishshack
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