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  1. Hey there, so I am really hoping I can get this false positive removed by the team here as my group who run the site are not offering any malicious content and I assume this is just a preemptive measure to provide safety to the users of this extension by blanketing less well known Cryptocurrency related sites because of the previous spike in crypto related malware. The site i am referring to that i help run is https://ccmf.online/ If i can get this resolved ASAP that would be greatly appreciated, i have always been a strong supporter of Malwarebytes software and worry if i am s
  2. So i have made a post about this previously but with no replies so here is another one after working with the company a bit more. Its gonna be quick and dirty so people actually read it....? 1. Download trading software at Quantower.com 2. Scan the installer with my MB's and then upload it to virus total, no malicious results https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/4bbad909414c33f5e352daa248b14b594c82cbd71b142f26f31f988962220a77/detection Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Scan Date: 2/20/19 Scan Time: 6:39 PM Log File: d8e58a24-3581-11e9-be60-00ffe101d2e1.json
  3. Here is the summary of these results as well if Helpful at all Summary.txt
  4. So I trade crypto. I run into scams and malware on the regular, its not a big deal to me personally as i think of myself as quite security savy. I have been looking for a very useful feature(OCO order types) that isnt offered by the exchange i use to trade on (Binance).So I've done plenty of digging and looking around for a legit 3rd party piece of software and encountered plenty that offer the feature i am looking for but are obvious scams. I did however run into this platform that looks by far worth the effort and risk of getting more info on it as the level of software is by far the mo
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