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  1. Hi and thanks for clarifying. My PC is i5 and therefore smart gesture is still needed. I'll whitelist it. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi, I scanned my PC today with adwcleaner and it detected Asus Smart Gesture as pre-installed software. I believe it is a false positive, as I only install drivers from Asus website. Please, see log below. AdwCleaner_Debug.log
  3. At the moment I uninstalled completely malwarebytes, because the issue with starting up was affecting the mouse drivers update. The driver updates trigger mbam to start up with windows, and for some unknown reason, the drivers do not install properly, and I had to restart the computer several times in order for the update to work. Without mbam, drivers install fine. Just to remind you, in my case, the startup with windows is triggered with windows updates or driver updates or comodo software updates.
  4. On my side definitely windows updates trigger it. Happened again with the recent windows 10 updates.
  5. Hi and thanks for your help. At the moment I do not want to disable fast boot or enable UAC. I just hope that my observations may help in resolving the issue even for the particular settings I have. The startup issue was never there in previous versions of mbam and I have always had UAC disabled. The fast boot info are really interesting. I may give it a go at some point, though it still takes quite some time for my pc to start up. Cheers.
  6. After all this time with mbam not starting at PC boot, it happened again yesterday. How it happened: I restarted my PC with comodo disabled and mbam started up, too. After that I scanned the pc with mbam and removed some PUPs and at restart mbam started again. I exited the program and at restart it did not start. Then I just happened to do some windows update and it started again at reboot. Exited mban and hasn't started since. So, for sure disabled (or updating) comodo and windows update trigger it. I think also use of adwCleaner may be triggering it.
  7. In my case. I gave above some examples of when I've noticed it happened (windows updates, antivirus updates, driver updates). Also, it has happened two times in a row, but not every time. After I did the repair with support tool, it hasn't occurred again. If it happens again, I'll take a log and come back. Thanks everyone for your help.
  8. I received the automated reply about the support tool, followed the instructions and have attached the zip. Just wanted to add that I have already uninstalled completely and re-installed the program before starting this thread. Also, that the issue is not happening every single time, but a lot of times. It certainly happens at windows updates, driver updates, comodo update, SAS update, but not limited to those. mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. I have the free version. I have "start malwarebytes at windows startup" disabled and it stills starts with PC boot. Even if I quit the program before switching my PC off, malwarebytes is starting with the computer. This has started the last month. I have the latest version of mbam and have never had this issue in the past. I have been using mbam for over 10 years now. This is a major issue for me and I hope there is a solution. Please advice.
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