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  1. Well, "So Far", no anomalies. Will leave 'Fast Startup' off for the time being. on another salient point, that Screenshot I posted showing Windows Defender saying my IT Department had limited my access ... seems to be a documented Windows problem ... so if I disable MB four buttons, then immediately Windows Defender can be used to scan, for example, a file in the Downloads area by right-click. I just now verified that .. and also re-activated MB.
  2. Hello Again. Didn't get an email notice of posted reply, sri Yes, I DO have Fast Startup b e c a u s e ...well, frankly, it was painfully slow to get this not-so-old Dell to start .. so I tried Fast Startup about a month ago. will read the two aforementioned Links/Articles .
  3. You all were so helpful last time that I thought I'd run this one past you. "Sometimes" I get the Windows-10-Pro notification that both MalwareBytes as well as Defender are off and I am running insecure. So, I do not knowingly turn them off ... however ... what I "see" is that they both are actually on. This time when looking at Security center, I saw a puzzling, new, notification overlay telling me that some features are not permitted to view ... something to that effect. Gee, I thought I was Admin on my home account .. it says I am, anyway. So I've included some screenshots. Any thoughts on this ??
  4. roger the 'blog article'... reading now .. btw, is it fairly easy for one to search as u did, in the future , for me? Would make it simpler if I could get public, or registered owner, access to be able to look up this type MB "Report" in the future.
  5. Wow!, exile360, super comprehensive and useful, understandable, reply! hats off to you The results on my end were however comical and I'll add just a couple screenshots. The 'Cliffs Notes' version: I use Revo Uninstaller-Pro. After the latest MB Quarantine of the slimy addition they bundle , the ostensible Reg Cleaner, I decided to un-install using Revo ... this despite that I had done the Restart after Quarantine Well, Revo found hundreds if not thousands of tendrils from the addition they bundled. So, while many users have found their program to find dupe photos on my iPhone or Windows, many may not realise that that company includes "surprises" I have an email to them, but then .... why would they refund? Why would they just give me a copy of Dupe-Foto-Fixer w/o the spyware? again, to Exile360, thanks for the exquisitely detailed reply that me-the-newbie could follow. QED
  6. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 3/20/19 Protection Event Time: 2:06 PM Log File: ea42d5fa-4b3a-11e9-9289-f8b156db2181.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.563 Update Package Version: 1.0.9770 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 17763.379) CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: System -Blocked Malware Details- File: 1 PUP.Optional.SysTweak, C:\Users\.......\Temp\is-UML9F.tmp\dfpsetup.exe.tmp, Quarantined, [1486], [115211],1.0.9770 (end) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So I do a restore; the program is no longer seen under "quarantine" yet I am not able to install the program is this intended? and why is this widely used program a PUP? and BTW if I am reading the Quarantine Log and do export to text file .. I get the idiot nag that the file, I am trying to save , does not exist. Duh. Really ? did u intend to program "Save-As" ? because "Save" is broken. I am new to MB. Is it all like this? Am I accidentally in an Alpha testing Line? would someone care to explain why a fairly wide used photograph duplicate finder is banned by u ?
  7. so are you saying I am shooting self in foot by trying to install this Apple App store proggy to my system?
  8. btw, I guess what I just posted got stuffed e3lsewhere I bought the program. when I run it MB will not let dfpsetup.exe run ..quarantines it and despite me restoring I am unable to ever install duplicate-file-finder now what?
  9. yikes, now i see this after I excluded and after I bought, when thousands other have ... oh gee. so now I need to remove the un-block? heh heh
  10. So if the site has been un-blocked, then this begs the question how do I get my personal MB proggy to wake up?
  11. I followed an Apple-APP-Store link from an app apparently getting thousands of 4-star ratings/ is it a MalWare IP ?
  12. not appropriate response to my question. a site is blocked. why?
  13. thanks exile360 . perfect I also got a MB email with a setup yer account link ... which I dutifully followed. that, right off, showed me I was attempting with a different email account. Following instructions, I was successful and the License Key was already on the page. now I need to cancel the account from incorrect email. tnx
  14. I followed a link from the IPhone App Store to an app to help manage iPhone duplicate photos. MB came up happily telling site blocked due to malware. Domain: www.duplicatephotosfixer.com was rather surprised as that App "appears" to have 4 stars from a few thousand(s) of D/L So I went to the MB site to attempt to find a possible reference to said dite. Alas, I had other problems with the MB site so decided to ask in the Forum. tnx! (end)
  15. I tried logging into the web portion of my account. Site said I was not registered. When I did register, and entered my License Key, the Site said that key was already registered. Yet the sitre said I have no products and I need to enter a Key or buy a product. MB 3.7.1 onscreen tells me I have Premium for 570 days more WTF?
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