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  1. Here are two links from my Edge History - I believe they are accurate but I had to hand-write them as I was unable to find a way to print my History: d15qm1q5lpzo0g.cloudfront.net/v13/index.html?trk=pastion-taried.com&osv=Window d3huny6i4a2tbc.cloudfront.net/v13/index.html?trk=pastion-taried.com&osv=Window
  2. David - I did manage to get a screen snip in between the horn blasts. You can add it to your collection.
  3. David - you have an amazing collection of Scam Screens. In the pdf collection, my problem most resembles page 103 that has a pop-up window titled "System Warning!"
  4. Attached is the file collected by Malwarebytes Support Tool. Thank you for your assistance. Hope you can crack this one. It's very annoying and makes me wonder what damage it may be doing to my computer. Sorry, I've not been able to capture the malicious link from my History file. So far it seems to be only happening when I use the Edge browser. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Looks like my browsers have been compromised. An annoying pop-up takes control, sounds a loud alarm and informs me my Windows system has been compromised. So far Malwarebytes is not catching it. I thought this would be exactly what Malwarebytes hunts and kills.
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