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  1. Alright, some of that can help like the local account, maybe moving to premium or new extensions to try out. Although most of this is advice I have been following for quite some time. I just really don't know what you're meant to do when a seemingly official update from the official manufacturer website of your PC or laptop or say apps has malware on it like the CCleaner or ASUS update incidents a while back other than maybe wait to see if anti-virus scanners get updates to see if they're good or bad.
  2. Well that was a full scan one, but I could try again but I am guessing it wouldn't make much of a difference. And thank you for the help so far, it is much appreciated. I do have to ask though if there is any way possible to avoid something like this happen in future again or is it just something that is just unavoidable even if you have say a sandbox program or paid anti-malware program?
  3. Full or quick scan option with the Microsoft safety scanner?
  4. Okay, here is the scan report I am hoping it wasn't anything important to Dragon center but it seems like the program is working just fine and hasn't damaged say how it controls the power usage or fans. I am somewhat baffled at how much this related to dragon center since it find I think issues with a downloaded file of that same program in the recycle bin. Like I have had my system scanned by hitmanpro, malwarebtyes, zemana, sphos virus removal tool, Windows defender, and somehow they missed those. Like I may or may not be surprised if MSI didn't care enough to check if somet
  5. I can not say for sure since the only thing I can find on it is that it is part of MSI dragon center file and seems to relate to uninstalling it (app as it is seems to work just fine), I downloaded a update from the manufacturer's website a month ago but it is only recent that uploading the file for this to total virus had half of the anti-virus and malware flag that one set-up as bad when it was fine ages ago https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1b948a4297783a028ce5fb4a8a0d25e5ebfd576d4ce2fde7fec18700b536eb48/detection It probably helped that I had the manage control file protection
  6. Okay, the scan is being done but sadly not matter what I tried I couldn't just get the custom scanner to just scan the D drive with the rootkit option on, it wants both drives scanned. Sorry for that. Thankfully, it does seem to be working faster than what I am use to. I will post the scan report when it is done. BTW, may I ask how is it possible for the MSI Dragon Center uninstaller function (I checked and it seemed to be the feature removed when that threat file was put into quarantine) was a trojan dropper? It was titled as a setup.exe but I am puzzled as to how a file that s
  7. Alright then, I will scan D, although it will require fully scanning both drives when you want rootkit scans as well. Which will probably take two hours.
  8. Okay, here is the scan results you recommended. Is that okay? Malware scan 3.txt
  9. With the malwarebtyes scan, will I tick both the C and D drives to be scanned or just the C drive? I have the controlled access off but I don't have the setting for automatic quarantine due to just having the free version of Malwarebtyes. However, the other sections are as you recommended.
  10. No, there is no bitdefender anti-spyware, or at least I have tried to uninstall it but I guess it is still sticking around somehow.
  11. I am looking up what the file is online, and it seems related to MSI dragon center, which is odd since I downloaded that from the company's official website a while ago and it seems like some anti-virus from mcafee to Bitdefender seem to treat it as a trojan but whenever I look up the file name and location online it just seems to be MSI Dragon Center and maybe its uninstall function or something. Is it just a false positive or did MSI product get malware injected into it without them knowing, or something else entirely?
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