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  1. Hi Ron, I didn't see any threats detected in my initial scan about the Chrome Secure Preferences, but I've gone ahead and followed the steps in that link you sent me. From the scan results, again I didn't see any threats detected. Should I be performing a threat or custom scan?
  2. Hello, Lately I've been suspecting my PC has been infected. I was noticing my cursor moving at odd times, my Twitter had been hacked, and same with my PlayStation account. There's been quite a few events and I've completely restored my PC since but still just want to make sure. My PC has been acting strange at times, I'm seeing my games like Rocket League download files in a very random Onedrive folder I have, which I have never specified to download there. I usually download my games on my external drive so it was really weird. Your help would be very much appreciated! Addition.txt FRST.txt Threat-Scan-log.txt
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