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  1. Just a heads up Malwarebytes; Project Veritas James O'Keefe is now looking at your extension. I think you were given ample time to make adjustments after concerns of bias were brought to your attention.
  2. As promised: https://pastebin.com/j36B96Gy Same test run on liberal/progressive sites/domain list with zero flagged as clickbait (no issue with this at all) as it should be. What surprised me was running the test on Antifa sites/domains; none of them were flagged, even organizations banned on major social media platforms were not flagged by the extension. This is disturbing imo.
  3. @dcollins I'll push my list to pastbin and provide you a link (w/edit). I would like to rem out my results and have you look at the data independent of my results.
  4. There would never be any political bias by "academic researchers" right? I've done my own test and the clickbait flag of said extension is absolutely politically bias. Main stream conservative sites/domains are flagged while far left and even antifa supporting sites are not. Using these academic researchers is kin to saying you fact checked using snopes or wikipedia. Very sad IMO.
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