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  1. OK, all done. I will go through the additional recommendations and reading. Thank you very very much. A week ago this computer was getting unusable. Now I can get back to work. Regards, denno
  2. Don't have a spare. If I find this awfully annoying I'll change it out, I guess. Still haven't spritzed it with canned air---tho' I can't imagine a scenario where a bit of grit would produce these various ills (most gone now.) I will try to be assiduously and unambiguously firm in pressing those combinations and see if that helps. The worst was hammering on "c" 15 times and then getting three of them. I looked up "unusable files," which was somewhat enlightening.
  3. This Fix took about 3 seconds. best driver is installed; troubleshooter came up with no problems. manager Device manager sez best driver is installed; troubleshooter came up with no problems. ctrl c and ctrl v are being erratic. Or else I am, in pressing keys. Fixlog.txt
  4. Oh, shucks! I seem to have my Yiddish wrong....... ferkakte (fuh-KAHK-tuh) Pretty much FUBAR all screwed up ----------- What's an unusable file, why aren't they ignored, and how do they get there? (always curious) I think things are back to normal speed. Haven't seen a "not responding" yet Typing seems normal. Possibly still funky on "Enter." This entry is double-spacing. Oh---shift+enter is giving me single-space. ctrl-v not working today. About these observations: I'm a lousy typist. I always have to check if I hit the right key with good finger pressure. I type much better if I engage a little app that makes my keyboard sound like a manual typewriter. I gotta recheck about Thunderbird and Firefox booting normally. mmmmmmMMMCCVV demonstrates that the worst keys are apparently behaving again. Going MUCH better! (And thank you.)
  5. Oh---Firefox booted up in short order this last time. Dunno if the keyboard is behaving yet or not. It goes up and down. Well, let's try the magic keys: c C m M . Looking good. Well, let's try the magic keys: c C m M .........that was copied and pasted with ctrl C and ctrl V. This is good! Let's see if Thunderbird boots up without being obnoxious....actually, yes. On only one attempt.
  6. OK, here's the fixlog. OK, now I see which is the Adw. log with the C01 name Fixlog.txt AdwCleaner[C01].txt
  7. It has been a very AARRRGGHHH kind of a day and here is the next one. The fixfile was going along for about half an hour when the computer reminded me I didn't have it plugged in. It said I "might" want to plug it in and after a grace period of about 6 seconds shut itself off. So do I run the fixfile again....or something else? Meanwhile, I've just noticed that in reply to my initial posting, Porthos, in addition to referring me here, also undertook to help me through some different scans. Should I go back to that, too, or finish with you and then if there is any need, return to that other stuff?
  8. Hello! The speed of your reply is gratifying. Sociological notes: I have always been grateful for the help I've received from WhatTheTech, and presume to receive from you. I am not a pushy guy, and rather a patient one with what I must be. Now then, I have to do chores and then a webcast for an hour @ 6 eastern; and this evening after that I will go through the steps above; I apologize for the delay. Questions in advance: Do you happen to have any knowledge of what happened to WhatTheTech? Not "important," but a curiosity. And: eventually I will be interested to know what was bugging my computer, if you have time to describe it. Thanks for now, denno
  9. Greetings Must be time for a cleanup. See "Topic Tags." Firefox takes a long time to boot up after rebooting computer. Seems almost everything, including Save Dialogs, suffers from Not Responding delays. Open Office Writer crashes a lot; might be their problem. Keyboard went suddenly unreliable. M, C and Enter keys produce (sometimes) nothing or triple hits. Especially caps. (I have not yet tried compressed air.) Thunderbird generally slow. Sometimes ctrl+v does not work, though Paste works in the context menu. Like that. Here are scans. Thanks FRST.txt Addition.txt
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