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  1. acorcoran, I have been using Malewarebytes Premium 3.5.26 beta since the first day it has been offered and I do not detect Mindspark anymore. rrg
  2. Hi Rebekkanss, Mindspark got deleted unexpectantly a few weeks after having asked Thomas Reed at Malewarebytes Support to look into my problem. Treed was not able to identify what was preventing Malewarebytes Premium from removing Mindspark. He speculated that my consecutive use of Disk Utility SOS, my frequent restarting of this Mac or something else must have been the drigger that allowed Makewarebytes to delete Mindspark. A disk corruption is a possible cause. Another thing I must mention: I also deleted the free version of Malewarebytes I still had in my applications folder. Thomas felt it could have been possible its history had been corrupted. And surprisingly, even Bitdefender Premium didn't detect Mindspark. You may want to try the free AVG Antivirus, il seems to be able to pick up a lot of bad stuff other antivirus are not able to. Finally, if you do not have one, add a good VPN App in order to switch server so the malware will not find your previous Mac IP address. I do not have further info. I consider myself lucky I got rid of Mindspark. Try all these possibilities, you may be successful. RRG
  3. Thomas, Received all of your emails from this past Friday. GetMwbInfo.zip file uploaded to Dropbox Friday afternoon. Waited, but did not get any reply from you. Have you received the Dropbox link? RRG
  4. Hello, I am a new member in this forum. I am currently using Malwarebytes Premium and running macOS 10.13.6. During the past 2 days I have scanned my mac numerous times with Malwarebytes Premium and still unable to remove Mindspark from my HD. I keep on getting 'Remedy Failed' message. I also use Clean My Mac 3, Bitdefender Premium and 1Blocker and Combo Cleaner. None of these apps detected Mindspark. What should be the next approach to this problem? Also, could this be a new version of Mindspark? Has anyone experienced this situation with this adware? RRG
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