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  1. Thank you. I have changed the settings re: Windows Action Center. I began to suspect a conflict with Avira early on and see MB has arrived at the same conclusion. Please let me know if and when you obtain any more information on this. Appreciate it!
  2. Let me know if you need anything else. Sorry for delay; am dealing with a lot of issues just now. mb-check-results.zip
  3. Here they are: Hope this helps. I did not do the MB check results since I just installed the latest build as per previous instructions. If you want me to do that anyway, let me know. Thanks. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. I tried nikhils suggestion since it was the quickest. All of my Real Time Protections are on. However, the rootkit problem continues. It is never turned on initially under settings. I turn it on, but when I did a scan MB did not perform a rootkit inspection. Sure enough, I went back to settings to find scan for rootkits turned off again. This time I did not receive any kind of problem warning. This is getting more than frustrating. I'm wondering should I now go ahead and perform the FRST and Addition logs. This is about the third time I have done this in probably as many months. I know
  5. It seems that every so often one or another of the web protection items turns itself off. The only solution is to uninstall-reinstall MB, but when I do I have to start from scratch, inputting my settings and of course there are no former scans listed since it says no scans have been done yet. Fine and good. But a few days later, MB gave notice that there was a problem with rootkit detection: "Malwarebytes was unable to load the anti-rootkit DDA Driver. This error may be due to rootkit activity. We recommend re-booting so Malwarebytes can attempt to install the driver." Well, of cours
  6. Well, I found the culprit! It wasn't Malwarebytes--it was Avast. Thinking back, I remember recently turning on a feature in that program about pop up warnings re: suspicious websites or programs. Avast apparently has an issue (with the latest update) with older PC games and would stop them from loading. All I had to do was tell it to let the game open normally and--they came back! Glad it had nothing to do with Malwarebytes. Learn something new everyday....which is a good idea anyway. Thanks for your reply. I am a happy gamer once again.
  7. Thank you for your reply. My being somewhat ignorant, can you please let me know how to obtain a protection module log. I've tried to search Google for help but nothing came up that I can understand It is really strange. Only some games are affected. For instance, if I click on the Gem Ball shortcut, it will load for a few seconds. Each time I continue to click on it, it will load more of the game until I get to the "choose your level" page, upon which time the game disappears. One would think the game would either load or not load. And no error messages at all. Why would it progressi
  8. As with a number of users running XP, I experienced problems with the new version of MBAM. However, the instructions re: uninstall/reinstall had fixed that issue. I ran a scan and it did not turn up any malware. However, when I went to play two games I had been playing before taking the above actions, they would not fully load. Each would get to a certain point and then simply disappear. No error messages would appear. Just loading to a certain point and then they were gone. These are older arcade games from 2007. I would just like some thoughts as to whether or not MBAM may have somethi
  9. Sorry for my delay in replying. My hubby had to have emergency surgery and am just now catching up with things. The uninstall fix for Malwarebytes worked like a charm. I also immediately ran a scan and no malware was detected. Also, when I saw what the registry cleaners were going to remove, it seemed useless and such a small amount as it would have made no difference at all. A month ago or so I did run CC Cleaner and it removed some stray McAfee and Winamp files that hung around even after I had deleted those programs. I probably could have done this myself if did a search for any remain
  10. I've been reading this entire thread and am a bit confused. Been very busy with some personal issues and hadn't realized that my Malwarebyte's problem may have started after the last update until checking this forum. Running Windows XP sp3 Avast (latest version) Windows Firewall When I try to launch MB I get the following: Runtime error "5" Invalid procedure or argument Should I try an uninstall and re-install? I've run various scans for malware using Avast or Spybot and my PC always comes up clean. I am in the process of cleaning up a very messy registry and was wondering if the problem l
  11. I did the same thing--they're deleted & quarantined as of last night. Booted up the PC this morning and everything is working fine. I did another Malwarebyte scan and there were no infections. It seems up in the air whether Mariofev is an FP or not. Some sites say yes and that it's very serious; others say it's a false positive. Considering the descriptions of what it does, I decided just to hit the Remove button. Malwarebytes is a great program and I'm going to recommend it to others. I had run other scans just the day before and they found nothing. Now of course maybe my PC hadn'
  12. Thanks, it's just that my problem was the same as the OP and a lot of forums like to keep down the # of threads about the same topic. Cheers!
  13. Thanks for the quick response. I updated Malwarebytes just before the scan. I always update when I'm going to scan my PC, so I have the latest update before the scan begins. But I will try it again and see what happens. Can't hurt! I appreciate any thoughts on this matter. According to a Google search, it seems that this Mariofev is quite a serious worm so it is really of great concern to me.
  14. Hi, Malwarebytes also found 4 instances of this virus. If it is a false positive, what should I do (sorry, I'm not too computer literate yet)? Should I chose "Ignore"? Thank you in advance.
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