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  1. Or better yet, let's get a real operating system that doesn't get these stupid infections in the first place so you don't have to worry about any of this. It's nearly 2010 for crying out loud! Windows 7, still like walking through a bad neighborhood with money hanging out of your pockets, is the best that can be done?
  2. Can you tell this to my kids?! Thank you for your response kimsland. I understand exactly what you are saying as I spent many years as the head of an IT department myself. Of course it is far easier and faster to repair something yourself (if you know what you are doing) then trying to explain to someone else how to fix it ... especially when you are only online and don't even have access to the computer. In no way am I criticizing what the tech people do in this forum or any other such forum. I find these people extremely patient and knowledgeable. They are exceptional professionals. And I understand that, if they had access to the computer with the problem, it would be a much more efficient process for them to fix it. But that is part of my point. The idea of the software is to avoid the need and inconvenience of having to have someone have access to your computer. Yes, MBAM does seem to remove many malwares, and I have no doubt it is one of the best at this. But, in my opinion, based on my own experiences, the best is still nowhere near good enough. Too many things are left behind, and it doesn't seem that, even after months of waiting, those things will ever be removable through the software. And manual removal is just not feasible for many people given the time and risks involved and the fact that many cannot perform even simple tasks to assist. One last comment... MBAM is exemplary because it provides a free version that is very useful in itself (within the limitations I described above that is). I wish all of the virus/trojan/malware software developers offered the same generous option. I can't say I have tried them all since I can't buy so many of them, but by using many of the top rated ones, it appears to me that they all suffer from the same problem I described.
  3. I'm trying to figure out what the point of even using Malwarebytes, or any other of the current crop of anti-virus/trojan/malware programs is at least for removal purposes. They are not able to remove 98% of the stuff I've been hit with these days. Even worse, they identify the malware and SAY that they have successfully removed it when they have not. That's worse then not removing them at all because it wastes my time, leaves me frustrated and gives a false sense of having fixed it. So your only option is to install all kinds of other stuff on your computer, which seems to create its own problems in many cases, post pages and pages of logs, spend who knows how long online trying to get a manual fix, and after days of migrane headaches usually end up having to reinstall the OS anyway (which is how most of them I have followed end). It's not that I don't appreciate the malware experts that so patiently help people solve their problems. You guys are really great. But what is needed is a program that can actually get rid of this stuff automatically. Clearly the malware is now evolving faster than the malware removal tools can cope with. You need to get ahead of the curve. It's a dirty little secret.
  4. Good luck. I have had this same problem for about a month and that same tdlwsp.dll file that keeps coming back. Several programs detect it, and say they are removing it, but it comes back. It redirects Google searches. I don't know what else it does, I have not noticed any other problems, so I am just living with it until someone can figure out what it is and how to get rid of it. I have seen other people list pages and pages of logs on this in several forums with experts trying to help them solve this, and finally give up and reformat. I have a feeling it is something fairly new since most of the things I have seen about it are from the last few months. Hope someone can help you.
  5. I've read a lot of forums about it and seen books full of logs posted. I've seen a few that seem to have "solved" it, but I'm not convinced they did because the solutions made no sense. I'll bet if you followed up with those people you would find out it came back. After pages and pages of logs, most of the "solutions" I have seen involved giving up and reformatting. I haven't seen anything that convinces me that anyone has a reliable solution for this yet. A number of free and commercial products seem to be able to find it, but none I have read about are able to remove it (even though they say they do). So clearly even the people who design these things still don't have a handle on it. And if these guys don't know how to fix it, who does?
  6. Yep, I have had the same thing for about a month. And we are not alone. It seems to be cropping up all over recently. I've been researching it and see lots of chatter about it. I've seen HJT logs galore and pages and pages of posts with every kind of tool out there being suggested and posting log after log from these tools in virus/malware/trojan forums, and lots of experts trying to help, but so far the only solution I have seen that worked for anyone is reformatting and reinstalling the OS. Some malware programs seem to identify it (Windows Defender found it for me) and they say they are removing it, but it comes back immediately. To my knowledge, no one has a fix for this yet. It's the toughest one I have ever seen. This file: tdlwsp.dll Is part of the problem. But there is obviously more to it. Someone needs to get on this one and post some serious information (or hopefully a tool!) about removal.
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