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  1. The internet didn't work on safe mode with networking. But I figured I could reinstall windows whilst unplugging my 2 hard drives, and just reformat my M.2 SSD after backing up all the software I needed. The malware is gone, my task manager doesn't see it anymore, zemana doesn't see it anymore and malwarebytes neither. My pc performs as it should again. Thanks anyways, Aura.
  2. So, recently I have been getting this extremely high cpu usage peaks on the svchost.exe and I figured it would be malware. At first I thought it was a hollow process and lost hope but tried anyways and it detected this. I have finals coming soon and lots of stuff to do and this needs to go ASAP. Could anyone please help me? also, when I google certain effective anti malware programs, my browser just shuts down.
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