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  1. I'm sorry for the description in a file, not in the message, but your antispam system consistently rejects my messages
  2. Thank you for your assistance. According to virustotal and your question I've take some action, but I can't desribe it here because of the antispam system All details are ine the attached texst file Let me know if I can do aything more, thanks. All the best, Adam report.txt report.txt
  3. and here are missing attachments itvm_pl_history_EN.txt d97e0ebd-2e6c-11eb-a363-000c29fef2d8.json.txt
  4. Hello, Please take a look at itvm_pl and consider revalidation. Both report files attached. Feel free to ask me about details, checks etc. Regards, Adam Lachut
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