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  1. Alright. I will buy it tomorrow. Will you still be able to help me once I have completed the above step?
  2. It appears the computer cannot access the recovery environment - it needs me to insert windows installation disc. I do not have the disk anymore as it has been many years. I saw on another thread w/ similar problems that the same FRST commands were entered into command prompt. Is that an option for my case?
  3. I do not have an 8 gb USB on hand right now. Should I procure one and follow the steps? That may take some time.
  4. Yes. I started FRST as admin, then copypasted the commands into the text box. After clicking "fix", the error popped up.
  5. Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit wasn't able to find any malware. Here are the log files. I'm pretty sure the rootkit is in the system32/driver folder. mbar-log-2018-04-13 (00-16-29).txt system-log.txt
  6. Hi Ron, Here are the files. Thanks for helping! Addition.txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt FRST.txt malwarebytes.txt
  7. I downloaded and ran FRST. Here are the FRST.txt and Addition.txt files. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. Also, kaspersky stopped a malicious link several times called "http://freshrefreshnerer24rb.info/192h4mjie.pkh There is also a malware detected in system32/driver and something in system memory. Thanks.
  9. After trying to install a program from a third party website my PC got a virus. At first I recognized something was wrong because a bunch of random desktop apps appeared and my browser (chrome) redirected to yahoo when I tried to search up "Bitdefender". I also began to see "wmcagent.exe", and processes consisting of random letters in task manager. I uninstalled any suspicious programs and deleted chrome and ran scans from HitmanPro, Kaspersky, and Malwarebytes. At first i tried to delete the "wmcagent" folder in AppData/Local (and suspicious files 'mbdrklu" and "scrxmpt") but it gave the message "access is denied." I tried to change the permissions of the folder, 'access is denied." I tried to force kill the "wmcagent.exe" process using Command Prompt but it again said "access is denied." There are multiple other folders that I cannot delete that look suspicious in AppData/Local. As mentioned before, I then used various anti-malware programs but none were able to remove the malware folders/files upon reboot. I've tried using multiple of those programs but none can remove the "wmcagent.exe" processes. which still appear. I've been able to delete some malware files when I run anti-malware, maybe they stopped their process just to trick the program. Also, once when I was able to get into the malware folder and changed the malware.exe file to "thisismalware.exe", the description of the malware process in task manager changed to "thisismalware". Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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