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  1. Hi Guys, Our MSP partner try to rollout a new setup of Malwarebytes to another business, but when I run the network discovery tool it is coming up with connections from the first business that we did, as shown in below screenshot These are completely different businesses, different sites, different states, no VPN connections between them. I am connecting to the server using RDP, so no residual connection on my end. Please let me know what is going wrong here. D&D tool is installed locally on the customer server and there's no other connection to the other business displayed. AD Scan is not going to be feasible for this particular business as they have several machines which are not connected to the domain.
  2. HI, May I know if there's a cleanup utility tool for MAC OS? We had deployed EPP on our MAC and seen it online on the Cloud Console. However, threat scan on the device are always failed. I'm planning to uninstall it using cleanup utility tool and see if this can resolve my issue. Thanks.
  3. I run an Endpoint Summary Report for Month, Weekly and Daily however it seems that the numbers of Endpoint did not match. On the Dashboard i have 32 endpoints but on Summary report it shows 16 devices only.
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