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  1. @blender Anything we can do to remove this flag? Thanks, Linda
  2. @blender Thanks for your prompt reply! I did send emails to the email address in that link but cannot get any information on how to get the detection fixed. We really need someone to point out the real issue with PCFixKit so that we can fix it accordingly. Can you help? Best regards, Linda Brown
  3. Hi there, My name is Linda Brown and we received complaints from some of our users about Malwarebytes detecting PCFixKit as a PUA. Based on your criteria at https://www.malwarebytes.com/pup/, obtrusive, misleading, or deceptive advertising, branding, or search practices PCFixKit does not use advertising or any other deceptive search practices to promote its product. using pop-ups, pop-unders, ad-insertion, ad-overlays, ad replacement PCFixKit does not use pop-ups to mislead or force users into buying its paid version. excessive or deceptive distribution, affiliate or opt-out bundling practices which may or may not include SEO poisoning techniques PCFixKit does not use any deceptive distribution practices to mislead users into downloading the program. PCFixKit does not use "earning by downloads" to attract affiliates to promote the program and it does not have any affiliate program now. aggressive or deceptive behavior especially surrounding purchasing or licensing, including using affiliates & third parties who use different tactics or techniques to get users to purchase, than what is available from the manufacturer's website. PCFixKit only gives a message when users want to use some features in the program and they can refuse the offer and easily uninstall the program. There is no excessive pop-ups to disturb users. unwarranted, unnecessary, excessive, illegitimate, or deceptive modifications of system settings, security settings or configuration (including browser settings and toolbars that bring no additional value over standard Operating System and legitimate application settings) PCFixKit does not secretly install any toolbars, or other hidden program or change system settings for malicious purposes. using fake installers for commonly used software (such as Adobe Flash Player) to push your product PCFixKit does not bundle with other program installers. using exaggerated findings (such as claiming temp files, cookies, registry entries, etc are harmful) as scare tactics to get users to purchase PCFixKit does not claim temp files, cookies, registry entries etc are "harmful". And it does not use "red color" to make them look urgent. using technical support scam tactics PCFixKit does provide technical support to help our users fix their problems but it does not charge extra fees. difficulty uninstalling or removing the software PCFixKit can be easily uninstalled via Programs and Features. predominantly negative feedback or ratings from the user community Many users are happy with PCFixKit and our prompt technical support. in general hurting or diminishing end user experience PCFixKit does not create any pop-ups to disturb users no matter it's running or closed. other practices generally accepted as riskware, scareware, adware, greyware, or otherwise commonly unwanted software by the user community PCFixKit does not have such unaccepted activities as riskware, scareware, adware etc. So PCFixKit is not a potentially unwanted program according to your criteria. We would like to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Please let me know if you need anything more from us in order to resolve this issue. Thank you, Linda Brown
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