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  1. Ok so after you ask me a stupid question about 'tages' what the heck this means I do not know maybe nobody can answer the problem I have either! Would not surprise me. Often when I go into a website a message by Malware FLASHES past, too fast to read, saying something about dangerous site or something, since I do not know what that means I carry on. Often it is sites I am absolutely 100% sure they are safe! So what does that FLASH message mean? If for instance I am on a site and answer some comment or something, does that mean the comment will not even go through or does that mean somebody can hack into me or does it mean it is real easy for whoever to work out my name address etc. And the system of somehow getting some customer support from Malware is so bad that when my subscription comes up in May I am pretty sure I will not renew it, there are other more helpful systems on the market!
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