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  1. After (first learning how to) changing my DNS, Windows went thru a troubleshooting routine. And my License key still did not work. I feel like I should remove those DNS changes next.
  2. My internet works. If "Internet functionality" refers to my license key not working, please explain the connection. Also, IF I had a License ID and didn't know it, wouldn't the clean-up tool have saved that too?
  3. No green check at the end and a grayed out Activation button.
  4. Thanks. The Activate License button stays grayed out even with my license key filled in. And I don't have License ID, which is the other option.
  5. After cleaning and rebooting, the download failed. Now the cleanup utility tells me to locate the mb-clean-results.txt file for my support request (my paraphrase).
  6. This is obvious. I realize you are trying to help. I know what MB is for. I use both laptops online, mainly because of the difference in programs and files that I did not move onto my newer Win 10. I came here because of not having Web Protection turned on, because I do go online all of the time, not because I don't go online. Maybe my answers are so poorly worded that I set myself up for what seems like obvious advice. No offense.
  7. Understood. I meant for every other reason. Fixing Malwarebytes is the goal.
  8. Don't want to. Besides, since my Win 10 does have its Web Protection back on, there's no need.
  9. My Real-Time Web Protection is still Off on my Win 7 laptop. However the memory hogging did end yesterday late afternoon. And yesterday afternoon this Win 10 laptop had both Web Protection turned On and its memory returned. I'm not going online with my older laptop. As of 2 PM ET on 1/28/18 I have Update package version: 1.0.3808 on the Win 7 laptop AND I have restarted it a few times. What's next? I'm no IT.
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