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  1. Did a scan overnight and no internet problems and no PC freezing, so for now appears to be solved.
  2. Installed the beta version and did another scan. No problems, will try it again overnight to see if all goes well.
  3. Some odd problems started on my PC a few weeks ago. Malwarebytes was set to scan at 2:55 each morning. On Monday & Tuesday's when I would get on the computer, it would be frozen. LED's on, fans spinning but the computer wouldn't respond. A restart got it going again. In the Reliability History it showed a hardware error around the time the Malwarebytes scan was set to start. This only happened Monday and Tuesdays, all the other days no problems. There was also occasional internet disconnects when I'd get on the PC in the morning. It showed I was still connected but no browser would
  4. Trying to download ProtonVPN and it's getting flagged as malware. Trojan.MalPack
  5. Trying to install the clean version of JDownloader 2 but Malwarebytes is blocking it, quarantines the file. I was able to use the clean installer with MB before, but it's now not working.
  6. Have version, Update mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. My Web Protection is back on, but RAM and CPU use still high Spoke too soon, back off again.
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