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  1. Everything looks good till now. I will do a full system scan which should get completed by evening. We can close the thread by then. Thank you so much for your help.
  2. Once I reset everything in Edge, it is working now. Should I uninstall MB antivirus to check windows defender or there are other tests which can be performed to ensure everything is fine?
  3. The host files look good and there is no untrusted certificate present. However Edge is still not working Fixlog.txt
  4. Hello, The tool is running for 30 min. Does it takes that much time or should I cancel the process and re-run it?
  5. Attaching MBAR kit logs mbar-log-2018-01-23 (01-14-04).txt mbar-log-2018-01-23 (17-57-14).txt system-log.txt
  6. My systems has been infected by g****.tmp malware. Because of this windows threat detection service has been stop and I cannot restart it manually. I have checked the registry for DisableAntispyware and it has been set as 0 which means autostart. I know this malware is installing untrusted certificates and updating my host file. *********************TEMP SOLUTION************************** The temporary solution is to delete the certificate and replace the infected host file with the one which microsoft recommended. Doing that will let me run windows defender but it is not
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