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  1. Hello Porthos I excluded the first 14 from the list under the Norton Sonar Protection. Works perfect now. I didn't need to do anything, the Exploit Protect checked on by it's self. Didn't need to exclude the last 2. Everything seems to be back at 100% now. Thank you so very much, , , MikeE
  2. Thank you Porthos. The version was definitely 3.2.2. With a large button in the middle of the page. I followed your instruction and the program re-loaded at 3.2.1 The large click button is now gone, but the smaller check update language on the right seems to work. I think the update works now. But have now developed another problem, Exploit Protection will not check on. I saw other's are also having this same problem, with switching on the Exploit Protection, so I added my entry to an already existing subject. MikeE
  3. I upgraded one machine to the new Malwarebytes Premium 3.2.2 software, but the "Check For Update" button does not work. However, I did not upgrade on a different machine still using the older version of Malwarebytes, and the "Check For Update" button works ok. How can I get the "Check for Update" button working on the newer Malwarebyte 3.2.2 version?
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