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  1. That's what I suspected. I have a Win 10 laptop with nothing of importance on it that I can experiment with. If nothing else it will be an interesting academic exercise to see what happens.
  2. Vipre requires me to remove Malwarebytes before it will install. It used to be (with Win 7) that I could override Vipre's objection and install anyway and it just worked. Not with Win 10 apparently. Hence my question. I am familiar with having each app exclude the other's files and folders from scanning, scanning at different times, etc. I ran them smoothly together on Win 7 for years that way. I suppose my next step is to deactivate the Malwarebytes key, remove Malwarebytes (Vipre will do that or I can do it myself), install Vipre, then try installing Malwarebytes and reactivating Malwarebytes?
  3. Corrected version of my OP: I have used Malwarebytes along side Vipre Internet Security (and more recently Vipre Advanced Security (VAS)) for years with complete compatibility. Very recently I attempted to install VAS on a Win 10 PC running MB 4.04, and again after updating to MB 4.4.3. It appears that Malwarebytes is no longer compatible with Vipre products?
  4. I have used Malwarebytes along side Vipre Internet Security and more recently Vipre Advanced Security (VAS), for years with complete compatibility. Very recently I have to install VAS on a Win 10 PC running MB 4.04, and then after updating to 4.4.3. It appears that Malwarebytes is no longer compatible with Vipre products?
  5. You're welcome, dcollins. And thank you for bearing with me. I learned a few things and have, I think, better systems as a result. I found and removed EMET from two other x86 systems it was installed on. It did not appear to be conflicting with MB 3.3.1 on either of those systems. However, I swear that all 3 systems are now running a little bit smoother and faster with EMET gone.
  6. I think the problem is solved. The mbae installer flagged EMET as an incompatible application that must be uninstalled before installing mbae. I exited the mbae install as I could not proceed with it. I found an old out of date EMET version 4.x present. After uninstalling EMET, I resurrected MB 3.3.1 and tried Excel and Word. They now open and run flawlessly! Just to be sure, I rebooted the system, verified MB and Viper running smoothly side by side, and and tried Excel and Word 2003 again. Flawless start and run. I think this case can be closed. Note: I never did install mbae. I believe it's functionality is present in MB 3.3.1. I have newer versions of EMET on some of my other systems. I'm thinking now would be a good time to remove them.
  7. Update: I did a full clean uninstall of Vipre AS and rebooted. MB 3.3.1 is still blocking Word and Excel, 2003. I tried clicking on an RTF, a Word, and on an Excel file. In all cases, this message popped up in the center of the screen (referencing the appropriate file), in addition to the MB Block Popup in the UL corner of the screen. Hope this may help.
  8. No, not that we can recall. Not sure why we would since Word has its own built in functionality. In any case, I did not find any instances of Grammerly in the system registry.
  9. Sadly, yes. The issue of MB blocking MS Word as an exploit still occurs. Ditto for Excel /safe also.
  10. Is there a specific reason you are pointing at Vipre? I did completely shut down Vipre (easy to do). It made no difference - Excel and Word are still blocked. I have been able to capture images of the popups that MB generates to inform me it is blocking Word 204 and Excel 300s ad "exploits" It seem rather clear to me that MB is doling the deed, for whatever reason.
  11. Ah, Viper uses the BitDefender drivers? That explains why they are present on all systems, with the same time stamp, and loaded at start-up per Sysintermals' Auto Runs. Learned something today. Thank you! Yes, I have the 6 MB driver files excluded with Vipre, along with C:\Programs Files\Malwarebytes and C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes folders, on all systems. I will add the exclusions for the MB exe files also. Am I correct in thinking that these exclusions will prevent Vipre from interfering with these processes running in memory?
  12. Interesting, Porthos. I have never had BitDefender installed on this system, so those drivers should not be there?
  13. Attached are the requested log filed. Hope they contain something useful. Forgot to mention: The blockage of Word and Excel 2003 is indicated as: Affected Application: Microsoft Office Word (same for Excel) Protection Layer: Protection Against OS Security Bypass Protection Technique: Exploit ROP gadget attack blocked mb-check-results.zip
  14. Win 7 Pro x64; MB 3.3.1 x64 MB 3.3.1 Exploit Protection blocks Office 2003 components (Word, Excel) from opening. If Exploit Protection is turned off, Office 2003 Word, Excel work just fine. Once Word and/or Excel are open, EP can be turned on and Word and/or Excel will open files just fine from within the apps. Note 1: I have two Win 7 Pro X86 platforms with MB 3.3.1 x86 and Office 2003 that do not have this problem. only the x64 platform has this problem. Note 2: A short while ago today, I used MBClean successfully to remove and re-install MB 3.3.1 x64 after experiencing the "Web protection will not turn on" problem for the first time this morning when the x64 platform first booted up. The driver file mwac.sys was mysteriously missing, presumably causing the web protection would not turn on issue. The successful MBClean exercise resolved this issue. Upon working on unrelated task, I then ran into the Exploit Protection blocking Office 2003 issue. I remembered running into this issue a few weeks back on this same x64 platform but, being otherwise preoccupied at the time I did not follow up on it, and subsequently forgot about it - until today. Sigh. And, yes, I searched the forum but could not find anything. Presumably this issue has been seen before and resolved?
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