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  1. So, if a user is just using Malwarebytes for occasional scans, not using real-time protection, MB gives them no protection ? A malware could execute, install a keylogger, then delete the installation/malware package, and later scans with MB would never report the existence of the keylogger ? This seems wrong.
  2. Only the user can make a judgement about whether a keylogger on their system is "legitimate". If a keylogger commonly used in many call-centers is present on my computer, but I do not work in a call-center and this is my home computer, the keylogger is not "legitimate".
  3. Every case cited here qualifies as POTENTIALLY unwanted. Report it to the user, and let them decide if this keylogger is legal, authorized by their work IT, not malicious, just a debug driver that got released accidentally, etc. Report ALL of them to the user.
  4. Including the ones in some HP trackpad drivers, I think ? MWB should report all keyloggers as PUPs. If the user knows they're using a keylogger for work purposes or something, they can ignore the report.
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