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  1. Okay Thanks Rich mangle.exe was supplied by another party. Yeah, the Kp.exe was also pecompact by us. So it looks like the pecompact is being targeted, we only have a few files being packed by PeCompact. Well, let me repeat this question Do I need to sign my files using Code signing certificates, so that Malwarebyte will start recognizing that these are legitimate files? We are still doing some work on the files and executables in our system before being deployed. We would think that whitelisting may not help as we are adding more and more files to o
  2. Thanks Rich However, the VMTest.exe is only one of the files which is protected by Enigma. The rest are ordinary compile exe files which are NOT protected at all, what about them ? Look here, there was NO such detection until 2 days ago after Nov 26 2017, when I ran the Malwarebyte From Nov 27 2017 onwards these detections started to appear. These are all previous backup files dated from Feb 2017. There must something to do with your Heuristic detection Engine, it had became overzealous in its detection?? Alternately, do I need to sign my files using Code signin
  3. Here are the files Please check and respond and I will turn off Signatureless detection on Malwarebytes Thanks Malware Rep.txt Submit to MB.zip
  4. Hi Blender What would be your email address to send these files? Or do I send them as an attachment to this forum here? please advise
  5. I'm a software developer who develop my own software in ASM and Powerbasic. Recently, Malwarebytes is detecting my software as MachineLearning/Anomalous.100% malware. These are decidedly NOT malware. These are my own software products. Why is Malwarebytes doing this unnecessary so called Heuristic signatureless checking which wrongfully detected my software as Malware. I'm using a premium version of Malwarebytes. Time to do more research before you lose more customers. Please respond otherwise I will write to every blog in the Internet on your erroneous Heuristic s
  6. Hi I'm a software developer who writes software using a mixture of ASM and PowerBasic to build software in native codes. The last few days, I noticed that many of my exe and dll files are being detected and quarantined as being MachineLearning/Anomalous.100% malware. These are decidedly NOT malware. Why is Malwarebyte doing these actions which is totally uncalled for. I'm using a premium version of Malwarebytes and I will uninstall malwarebytes and purchase a better antivirus software if malwarebytes keep on detecting my software as malware. See my attach file disp
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