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  1. Apologies for the delay - It seems that this problem completely went away on its own. Maybe there was an update to Malwarebytes? I have installed a few programs (things like Acronis Backup, Expression Web4 and Corsair Link. Don't know how that would affect this problem. And today, Windows 10 ran the Jan 2018 Cumulative Update for version 1708 and the problem with my start button is back. I'm thinking it is more a problem with Windows 10 and my Creative sound card, than with Malwarebytes. Will post back here in a couple of days a let you know if I found and fixed the problem with Start. Many thanks to all who have made suggestions. Grateful for your help, Davis
  2. Well, how about that... I thought Windows Update was keeping my hardware up-to-date, but not so. I used Device Manager to check for an update, and it found one. I have to, of course, restart my computer now; and will be signing off for a day. Will be able to see if it's changed anything when I log back on tomorrow. Thank you for pursuing your suggestion. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks Davis
  3. Thank you x64, I believe I followed your concepts, but you're basically on a level above my expertise. Not up on editing the registry. Much appreciate the time spent posting, Thank you.
  4. Here's what I've done Step-by-step Started with Malwarebytes, all 4 Logitech items & Sound Blaster installed -- problems were active 1- Uninstalled Malwarebytes -- problems went away computer works fine 2- Re-install MB - problems returned (This is what prompted me before to think MB was culprit.) 3- Removed Sound Blaster & software - problem persisted (This too) 4- Uninstalled MB -- problems went away (And this) 5- Reinstalled Sound Blaster -- problems returned!! (No Malwarebytes) 6- Uninstall Sound Blaster & software -- problems remained at first reboot but after Restart they went away 7- Reinstalled Malwarebytes - - problems did not return (This is new.) I'm running with Malwarebytes and all 4 Logitech items - I think for first time - without problems. So no Sound Blaster (also uninstalled software) and after several Restarts/Shutdowns, etc, problems have stayed away. I would like to make one confirming reinstall of sound card, but don't have the time now. I went through a different sequence when I did this before, or just made some incorrect notes and got results screwed up. So, based on this and the notes from @pex7 about SB cards with Windows Fall Creators Update, it looks like the problem is with Sound Blaster Zx. Going to check out Creative forum. Many thanks to all here at Malwarebytes Will post back if/when find solution. Thanks Davis
  5. @pex7 - Thanks for your input. At one point I removed ALL hardware from my computer including the Sound Blaster Zx card. Then installed each piece one-at-a-time with reboots between, starting with Sound Blaster. The problem did show up when the Sound Blaster Zx was added back, but went away after a second reboot (with no additional hardware). Finally all hardware was installed and working as it should. Then problem came back when I installed Malwarebytes. I'm gonna see if I can find the time to go through that process once more. Sounds like I might have missed something. First I'll uninstall Malwarebytes. In the past, my problems went away when I did that (leaving all hardware installed). This is good to know, thank you, @pex7, for your post. Davis
  6. I re-read my last post and I should clarify - signing-off and on does temporarily fix the problems. The computer runs as it should; Start button, Action Center and apps opening ok. BUT this is only a workaround. It does NOT fix the problem for good. If I use Restart or Shutdown/power-off to reboot the computer, all the problems return. But now I wait for everything to load. Then I sign-off and back on, and I'm good to go until the next Restart/Shutdown. I do hope the developers find something to fix this. So far the only real fix I have found is to uninstall Malwarebytes. When it's gone, so are the problems. (Or remove all the hardware and put Malwarebytes back on, but, except for trackball & keyboard, I like my toys!) Thanks for everyone's help, Davis
  7. I have been using Restart or Shutdown/Power off in attempts to reset the Start button. Tonight I used Sign-off instead and discovered that when logged back on, all the problems were gone. When I signed-off I got the "Task Host is stopping background tasks. (\Microsoft\Windows\Plug and Play\Device Install Reboot Required" error message. But after using Sign-off/sign-on to reset, when I do use Restart or Shutdown, there is no error message about stuck driver needing a reboot. Thanks to all for all your help, Davis
  8. I have tried both installing all 4 Logitech items at one time, then rebooting. Or installing each one with a reboot ion-between. Neither method help solve my problems.
  9. Lisa, Thank you for your reply I need both copies of Logitech Gaming Software - one is for Wireless Headset and other one is for Game Control Joy Stick. I put all the exclusions into Malwarebytes: Logitech folders and the two files; but still do not have a working Start button, etc, etc. Also re-ran FRST and have attached a revised MB Check zip. Thinks for your help, Davis mb-check-results.zip
  10. I forgot that I had not yet re-installed my sound card when I previously ran FRST - Also added correct drivers AMD SATA controllers & Asmedia 106x SATA Storage Controller (Windows had installed generics.) Below is a revised MB Check run after installing the above drivers. Again, here is list of all hardware that have conflicts with Malwarebytes: Creative Sound Blaster Zx 5.1 PCIe Sound Card SB1506, Driver package v1.01.10 Logitech G930 Headset, Dolby 7.1 Surround, wireless, Gaming Software 8.96 Logitech C310 HD Webcam, USB, Driver package v2.80 Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joy Stick, USB, Gaming Software v5.10 Logitech M570 Trackball, wireless (via SetPoint 6.67 software) Logitech T650 Touchpad, wireless (via SetPoint 6.67 software) Logitech K350 Keyboard, wireless (via SetPoint 6.67 software) mb-check-results.zip
  11. OK - attached you will find new mb-check.zip file Additional new problem - When I downloaded the exe files they did not show up on my desktop until I right-clicked on desktop, then clicked Refresh. Same happened for the txt files. They were not visible until I Refreshed the desktop. Also with the zip folder. Seems I have to right click the Start button now to get any app, i.e. Edge, to come to the foreground so I can use it. Edge was open but would not respond until I right-clicked the Start button. All the other problems mentioned in previous posts still causing: 1-Start Menu will not fly-out until I click Start, then quickly move pointer off Start and back onto Start and right-click. Then Start Menu shows up. 2-Error message about drivers not installed and "need to reboot" message shows up after I click on Restart. I have been unable to figure out what driver is causing problem - Device Manager & Control Panel/System & Security/Security & Maintenance show everything is working. Thanks again for your help, Davis mb-check-results.zip
  12. Sorry - I sent a bit of a mixed message. I was a little frustrated. If another FRST will help, I'll reinstall MWB, get the problem active and run FRST & MB check again. Thanks
  13. I have removed all extra hardware and re-installed each one back, one at a time, with Malwarebytes installed. All the Logitech stuff works, but Creative Sound blaster Zx caused the problems to return. I'm exhausted trying to get the problem to start with any consistency. The Start button stops working sometimes with all the combinations of hardware installed/uninstalled. I now have all Logitech installed with MWB, and the problem in intermittent. If I do a warm Restart, no problems. If I do a shutdown/power off, problem returns. Sometimes problem will fix itself and all will be fine. Then I'll add some software or change a system setting, and boom it's back. The only consistent thing that works is to not install Malwarebytes. When MWB is not installed, all problems go away no mater what combination of hardware I use. Would it help to do another run with FRST? Thanks to all who have helped so far, and advance thanks to any who help in the future. I would like to keep using MWB, but at this point it is uninstalled and I'm not going to reinstall it. Davis
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