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  1. Yeah!! its gone. So I don't need a default folder apparently. Thank you so much for your help with this. I found another folder in chrome called profile 3. so I guess that is where the system is looking to for bookmarks etc. Not sure how that happened. Guess that's not a problem though.
  2. I can be here at my computer until 11:40 cst and then need to leave for an appointment - just incase you are available to work on this right now.
  3. Yes, everything still looks the same after renaming the folder
  4. No I didn't know there were 3. I knew that I was called user 2 on my computer, but only noticed that recently. I figured that was because I received an Acer Switch computer from my late brother and when I signed on to his machine I kinda became the 2nd user. You need you to know that I have several computers.. Dell 11-3147, Toshiba 45T and the one that is a problem a Samsung R-580 - 7 years old. Normally the Toshiba and Samsung are used and sync firefox and chrome. I also have a smart phone Samsung S5 that syncs. Not sure if any of this matters, but thought you should know None of this may be the cause of having 3 profiles. I do know my name used is S Wo.. Does changing the name change the profile. I just removed my husbands account from my computer. Not sure if that would change anything. I restarted after I removed his account and then reran malwarebytes. No change.
  5. You must think I'm an idiot.. giving you information out of sequence. 3rd times the charm I hope.. I'm really sorry to waste so much of your time by being confusing. cert15 setting #3.doc
  6. I'm sorry, It was down on page 2, but probably wasn't very clear. Hope this is OK for you. cert15 setting #2.doc
  7. Hope this helps and that I didn't miss anything. I did the reset for sync cert13 chrome settings.doc
  8. Aura, thanks for your help, but winyahoo still isn't being removed. I had already followed the sync instructions before I added the topic, but was still hopeful. I tried to delete the problem manually, but was unable to read or edit the file to do that. It requires SQL. If I attach the file can you edit it and then send it back to me in an email. Well it won't allow me to attach the file since it isn't in an acceptable format. What do I do now. winyahoo is a form of trojan, so I can't just ignore it. I have Malwarebytes premium running real time, so it must be pretty bad to do this. Do you have any other suggestions for me. apparently winyahoo can collect data and send it off somewhere, so I have to remove it. This is my primary computer that is hooked up to carbonite and where I would do banking. Now I am afraid to sign in to my bank.
  9. I am running Malwarebytes premium and winyahoo is not being removed when I run a scan. Initally it also found "conduit". It would remove quarantine it, but would then find it again when I reran the scan. I eventually found the conduit search engine when following the chrome reset synch process. After removing conduit from search it is no longer being found by malwarebytes. Winyahoo is found, but not removed. I have run the recommended clean program, Farstx64 and multiple malwarebyte scans. I run the scans as the administrator with McAfee not running. Anyhelp you can give me to remove winyahoo. Addition 11-12 528cst.txt FRST 11-12 528cst.txt Mbam after chrome sync reset and all search engines removed except google.doc
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