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  1. I represent iStripper, a desktop software that displays real stripteases directly onto computer desktop. Our clients reported that adwcleaner literally DELETE our software directly from the registry! Reason ? we would be an adware ???? Totally unfounded & currently financially prejudicial ! Please immediately remove istripper and its folders name from your blacklist !!! At your disposal for any question ! Celine@istripper.com
  2. support ticket 2106302 "Please interact directly with the Researchers to find out the details of the Fraud.ads and PUPs." Please help, the url spklmis.com that you are blocking is our affiliate program tracking url. There is NO fraud ad, or at least I'm not aware of ! I'm ready to change the way we do ads for our product if you can tell me what I do wrong ! Your blocking is having an impact on our revenues ! Thx in advance celine
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