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  1. I used to run the free version of Malwarebytes. Yesterday I had a pop-up tell me that Malwarebytes had a new version that I had to download. It was an orange notification tab identical to what a previous user reported. I have an older i-7 that originally had Windows 7 but runs Windows 10 now. Just a week ago Malwarebytes removed a Pup Variant that had slipped through my anti-virus software. I ran the alleged update and it told me to restart my computer, which I did. It isn't an update as it strips Malwarebytes off your computer and installs Ezula instead. Then it won't let you reload the free version of Malwarebytes too. I discovered that I had (x86)Ezula when I ran Super Antispyware after trying fruitlessly to reinstall Malwarebytes. Super Antispyware won't remove it.
  2. I just had the same thing happen. A legitimate-looking update page for Malwarebytes running Windows 10 and Firefox 57. I didn't know it was potentially fake and it stripped the free version of Malwarebytes right off my computer.
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