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  1. Porthos: I looked at the properties. Everything was already unchecked. Also, some of the options were different; I assume that's down to OS differences? As for rootkit scanning, the scan did complete without rootkit scanning, albeit in much less time than with it enabled (not counting the hang, obviously).
  2. already upgraded a week ago. didn't help. mb-check-results.zip
  3. Did you get my message? I'll upload the file again here. RTPEvents.etl-ets_000001.zip
  4. Hi. So I've been having a problem where MBAM gets stuck on a certain file (or at least, on a specific area). One the last two scans I ran, the scan stopped running at the files shown in the images below. The timer still ticked up, but no more files were scanned and the second scan could not be cancelled. Is this a problem with the program, or do I have reason to be concerned about malware? Any help would be appreciated.
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