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  1. Hmm...and the menace is still there. Silly me, I had put it in the whitelist yesterday
  2. Thanks again! However, I can't find " YeMobi" running on my device, even checking with developer options on. This must with another name.
  3. Thanks, Nathan! In your email you also replied: " mbam_mtbr said: Hi @IsompiHauki, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This issue has been resolved and will no longer be detected in future database versions. Thanks again, Nathan" Does this mean mine is a false positive? PS. I just ran a scan twice, no more infections.
  4. Chinaphone Leagoo Kiicaa Power, Android 7.0. Malwarebytes tells me "Android/trojan/hidden ads/tw" "system/priv-app/FCplatform/FC platformAPK" . Another antivirus program states the same. Cannot uninstall or freeze the app "Google Service", because it is a system app. What to do? So far no extra, unwanted ads...
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