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  1. Memory usage was stable 24.7/24.8 MB during 4 days (see above). After another restart it is again steadily rising as before.
  2. Since a restart two days ago, RTProtectionDeamon memory usage is stable at 24.8 MB. I have absolutely no idea what is different now. Still the same version and Real-Time Protection on.
  3. I hope the fix will be published before my "premium trial" ends (in 14 days), so I can decide whether it is worth to pay for a license. I accidentally became aware of the memory issue when I viewed Activity Monitor about some other unrelated process. RTProtectionDeamon was using 9.3GB (!) of memory. I have lots of memory installed, so it did not cause performance problems (yet). After a restart, memory usage by RTProtectionDeamon started with 30.5MB, steadily increasing. Now, about 20 hours later, it uses 426.5MB.
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