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  1. Hi! I keep getting a black screen from pushbesttool.com at times when I'm searching and it takes over and shows the following in white font on a black screen :It shows, "Click Allow to Continue", with a big white arrow, and "18+", and also "This Video is for Adults only". I click on the arrow and in many places and nothing happens, it only blocks me with no options. Have you heard of this problem before?
  2. Hi! I just had a very peculiar problem with my computer that the Malwarebytes Support was not really answering after several days. I had to force shtu-down my compute with a warning from Windows that I had acquired a dangerous virus and needed to download their program to erase the virus. The warning was full screen and it froze my computer unless I downloaded their program. I tried everything to back out and couldn't. This seemed very strange to me and I didn't trust it, like it was some form of hacking attempt rather than help. I also thought since I have Malwarebytes Premium and no warning from them, that it was some kind of hoax or trap. I did a forced shut down. When I turned my computer back on I suddenly could not copy, cut, paste. I could not really highlight either. If I tried to highlight a section as soon as after I dragged to highlight a word or section and let up on my mouse button the highlighting would disappear. Also if I went from like watching a YouTube video, to my Gmail box and back the YouTube tab would disappear, thus I could not return to the video. As days went by and after I had sent my detailed log to Support nothing was happening. I was wondering if they were baffled by the log I sent to them and whether or not they found a virus. I also considered them being very busy with July 4th back-up of some sort. So in the mean time I learned that if I went from YouTube to my mailbox and wanted to go back to my video I could click on the tab or icon of a site I had been to the left of my YouTube video tab and click on that I would lose that tab but then it return to my YouTube video in the next tab to the right! This disappearing phenomenon would happen also with only a few other websites as some websites I could return to without them disappearing. Also if I was highlighting something I learned most of the time I could do so only if I kept the mouse extremely still and lightly clicked on the far left corner of my left mouse button. I for a while thought then it had in part to do with motion and the subtleties of laser or optical types of mouses. I had a laser light or optical type of mouse made by Dell, an old one, something like the Dell N312 model. So after several days of no answer or at least a possibility from Support it suddenly dawned on me that several days before my mouse had fallen from my desk. Maybe it was at the same time Windows or a hacker falsely mimicking Windows Defender had frozen my computer. I broke most of the impact to my floor that is concrete covered by dense carpeting by grabbing the mouse cord. I then thought I better try the wireless mouse I had bought for my laptop. I moved the bluetooth device to my desktop and tried it and all the problems went away! It seemed so strange I had that set of problems and after doing a major scan and sending my log to Support and using the malwarebytes ADWCleaner they sent to me... that it was all because I had dropped my mouse. I thought I better note this here. I wish I could have included this with my original post yet they closed that with no warning thus my posting it here. Maybe someone out there has dropped their mouse before and had a strange problem. I hope I helped someone in some way. Thanks for this forum! Kindest Regards, Winfred.
  3. Hi Maurice! Strange as it showed an old message I didn't finish with the tricky system now. I don't remember the log collecting phase taking so long. When I sent my log to William in Support it seemed it only took a minute where now I'm waiting about 15 minutes for it to finish. Is that typical, or is it that I have a virus that's effecting it? Thanks! Winfred
  4. Hi Maurice! Very nice of you to still hang in there. Support did send an email about 2 hours ago. They had already asked me to send them their log on the 5th and I did. I just emailed today wondering if I'd done something wrong yet also understanding maybe they are working on overload from the holiday because it seemed time had passed and maybe I was lost in the system somehow. They have had my log since July 5th late morning. They then said now to turn off my anti-virus and run their "adwcleaner". I don't know how to turn off my anti-virus and have your Premium and because I have Windows 10 I think they have "Windows Defender" too. So I answered right away after I was sent the steps for "adwcleaner" and that was 2 or more hours ago and not response. It is very nice of you to help as I am a writer and can't work on my manuscript because of this. It was windows that froze my screen originally and wouldn't let me back out. I thought it was a scam because I hadn't heard of being trapped into help so I did a forced shut-down. Ever since I've had this Cut/Paste/select etc. problem. I also will go from a search result or website to my email, then click to go back to where I had been with my search and it will erase the icon or tab of where I had been. I now do a trick where I click on the next place I'd saved on my bar that's to the left of where I was and it will erase that and I can then end up were I was but lose one place I'd saved for the future. Also if I click on something with the internet, a window, to close it with big red X it will also call up a file on my desktop that is right behind the red X and never have seen that happen before. So I think you want me to do what Support had me do once again, send my log, right? You want me to save my log result and send it to you? I better do this now with you as I think Support has left me behind in the stampede. I hope this thread is still open. I'll proceed with your instructions. I just tried and clicked to begin with your next step and it won't let me proceed so I better send this and hope you at least get this. I'm afraid with tricky word processing I better send this before I lose it and try your instructions. Sincerely, Winfred
  5. Hi! I'm not sure how to close this. A staff person from Malwarebytes is helping me. Sorry if I've put you to more time etc. Thank you very much for being so conscientious. Kindest Regards, Winfred
  6. Hi Maurice! Thanks for taking a look! It was a full screen warning and I didn't trust it. I just had another full screen warning but could click out of it. Besides cut, paste, copy etc. I will go from like a YouTube video to check my emails and when I click to go back to what I was watching it will disappear and I have to find the video again, or even with any site. If I interrupt what I'm reading or watching to quick click on another tab it will erase it. Also a folder on my desktop directly under the big red X to close will close the window but will also open the folder that's directly under it. I didn't know it is not good to go to this forum at the same time Malwarebytes staff is working on my problem. I sent my log info to them I think about 10AM 7-5-19 and no one has returned any news as of 11:39PM almost 14 hrs ago. Is that typical? There was probably a back log of problems they have to solve after July 4th holiday I suppose. I did my best and that's all I can do. My email automated response does say if I want I can click on the link for help and try to solve it myself, so that's why you see my thread here. It's hard to go back, whether in my Open Office word processing or in forums to correct any mistakes. If I try to highlight one word it will highlight the whole message or page and not let me unhighlight only after maybe a dozen clicks to do so. Any advice would be appreciated from anyone. Thanks for All! Winfred
  7. Hi! If Malwarebytes staff is presently going over my log info report I sent to them, should I be inquiring here too? Suddenly MicroSoft said I had a virus attack and to download their tools. I didn't trust the warning since I already have Malwarebytes premium and no warning from them. If I surf in Opera it would have irrelevant search results. If I went to dogpile then it would have relevant results. Also with my word processing I can't highlight, cut, and paste, normally. I have to try several times to highlight before it will correctly, and sometimes I can't even do that and have to retype the words. I feel bad as I should have tried this forum first before contacting support... it's just I felt my problem was unusual and doing a search at malwarebytes led me here, which is a sign it is unusual. Thanks for any help. I might be doing the wrong thing since they are presently going over my data from my log. Thanks! Winfred
  8. Hi! I guess the system lost my original reply. I have the very same problem only I have no Bitdefender. A strange search engine or whatever (not very savvy to computer technical problems) but "Palikan" had taken over my computer. I did a multi-stepped approach to get rid of it and I think that was what or is what is causing my Exploit to not turn on. Is that possible? With the multi-stepped instructions I got rid of their "start" page yet maybe they have hidden elements and my Firefox start page appears okay and seems to work yet when in address bar I type "www." "Palikan Search" appears just below in a long highlighted blue bar. In your instructions above what is a, "locked/pinned topic"? Please bear with me as I'm not all that savvy at this! Thanks! Winfred0000
  9. Quote: "I uninstalled Bitdefender. Now all's fine with Malwarebytes. Thanks." I have the exact same problem as above and unfortunately was not as simple as unistalling Bitedefender as that doesn't exist in my system. Quote: "Please follow the steps in the locked/pinned topic to uninstall the remnants of MB3" Please bear with me as I'm not all that computer savvy. What is the "locked/pinned topic"? Where do I find that? I know suddenly I had "Palikan" dominate my Mozilla Firefox about 2 days ago. I never "accepted" downloading it, it just suddenly appeared. I had to go through several steps I've never done to get rid of it only a strange problem persists in Firefox if I start to type in "www." Below (I think that is the address bar, right?) in the drop down a big blue bar appears and it notes "search with Palikan". I don't know if that means that is why my "Exploit Protection" won't turn on, where if in my case Palikan has some trick and it really means I also never did completely get rid of Palikan. What is Palikan? Is it more superior than Malwarebytes? Is it a virus and separate from whatever is causing me not to be able to turn on my Exploit Protection? Would the MB Clean Tool get completely rid of Palikan and/or make it so I can turn on my Exploit Protection? Thanks for any assistance from anyone! Kindest Regards, Winfred
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