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  1. Those previous logs were with MB not on my computer. Like you asked I will try to recreate the issue and collect the logs upon failure. I will then have to remove MB to get the logs to you.
  2. Sorry that my post got separated from the original one I was linking to. For your information I have having the same issue it would appear as the chap in the post in the link below.
  3. Please find attached the logs as requested and thanks for supporting me. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. I was getting a BSoD but not very frequently. I was more getting network disconnects 10 minutes or slightly less after reboot. This happened after every boot. Sorry I have no logs to share as I even fully rebuilt my computer.
  5. I also have this issue and have gone through all kinds of troubleshooting to narrow it down and pinpoint MB as the root cause. I have therefore removed it completely, rebooted and all is well with the world..however I don't wish to leave it off for long and would like to know if there is a way that we can be notified when a new release is due with these faults fixed so I can reinstall as soon as possible?
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