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  1. Hello, I have issue with Initialpage 123 browser hijacker who has infected the chrome browser and I also use firefox which seems free from it now. I used Malwarebytes trial, Unhackme and Adware cleaner. I checked all the processes and startups and registry and found something that might be associated and deleted. I found the Initialpage123 software in the program list but Windows10 and CCleaner could not remove it. Tried to remove from folder called Fehadon. Today found folder named .mus removed that. I also found local64SPL.dll and deleted. Its not first time i experience browser hijack, but I cant seem to remove it from chrome it always comes back after every restart. Malwarebytes always blocks the safesearch site it re-directs to but that is not helping. Malwarebytes also often blocks d2buh1bf1g584w.cloudfront.net that is used by msiexec.exe. I have fresh installed Windows 10 64X it would be a hassel to reinstall programs again so I need solution to get rid of this hijacker for good. FRST.txt Addition.txt zaraza.txt
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