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  1. Andriel

    Not all of these domains are active - that's just my full list pulled from WHM. All I've tested in the /webmail folder throw the message.
  2. Andriel

    It's only blocking (seemingly) the webmail folder on each domain - where customers can access their mail remotely. 3hmanufacturing.com aaronairinc.com andrewkluttz.com andriel.com andrielgaming.com andrielhosting.com andrielmaker.com authenticmasonryandstone.com bluemoonsigns.com danielkluttz.com drkunkel.com fbcneedville.org fbcrichwood.com fbcrichwood.org fbcrw.com helpfromjeff.com hunterlifts.com hunterlifts.net jeffkluttz.com lhbcanton.org lonestargoldandsilverbuyers2.com masonryrevival.com misterlogo.com needville.tv needvillefamilydentistry.com nervousmustardgames.com nfdmail.com onecamp.org permanentgift.com pocpropertyshop.com portoconnorps.com returningking.com richmondpropertyshoppe.com richmondps.com richmondtexasproperties.com swgraphix.com swsawmill.net toodiesitka.com uniquehotfix.com vollt.net vollt.org
  3. Andriel

    I host a series of sites on this server IP. It is a dedicated ip for my sites. I have had my team to scan for issues and have found nothing amiss, but am getting a block from my personal MWB only on the /webmail folder for each domain (which is the webmail interface for our users). Please advise if there is an issue I cannot detect, so I can remediate it. Thank you, Jeff
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