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  1. Just read this on the internet and I am very worried. Looks like at a minimum your software is going to deprive me of a day's work. At worst, I will be without the 2010 version of Microsoft Word that I need and be forced to buy a more recent version that does not suit my needs for complicated reasons. Wow. Wow. It is increasingly clear that **Malwarebytes** is the real virus on my machine. Quarantined malware is rendered inert and no longer poses a threat - it is encrypted and locked. ... On top of this, when you uninstall Malwarebytes, the quarantined items are deleted, meaning if you re-install Malwarebytes, those files won't be able to be restored using normal means.
  2. BTW, I will happily uninstall your product and never use it again if I could be sure that this will fix the problem, but I am afraid that if I do that I will never recover whatever it is that Malwarebytes has quarantined. Please confirm for me that uninstalling Malwarebytes will restore my instance of Microsoft Word to its previous functioning state.
  3. I am having the exact same problem. I was working on an important document and attempted a save (one of many in the course of the day today), then suddenly: My Word process was kill and I see a Malware Ransomware notice I cannot restart Word. When I try, an installation process starts I added the Word .exe file and parent directory to the Allow list but this did nothing to help me recover my installed instance of Word. Please tell me how to extract myself from this pit of quicksand your software pushed me into without asking for permission or confirmation.
  4. I'm getting the same warning, over and over and over and over, almost no matter what website I navigate to: Website blocked due to adware: Domain: cardinaldata.net IP Address: Port 53694 Type Outbound File: chrome.exe But Malwarebytes reports "No threats detected!" I assume I must have some malware on my machine or I wouldn't get these constant warnings, yet Malware is not finding the virus. What can I do?
  5. I use an Anaconda installation to do Python programming, and I just had to uninstall Malwarebytes, because it would not let me run the Anaconda "activate" command in a MSDOS shell. This was preventing me from working. I hugely regret your decision to add all these anti-virus "features" to your malware. You had the best product in the market, and now it is unusable. In addition to the false positives, you have switched to an extremely annoying regime of update popup dialogs which you say are configurable, but they are *not* configurable. You went from a lovely combination of effectiveness and light touch (i.e. discrete presence) to a pushy, heavy-handed, intrusive form of forcing updates. What a pity. What do you call this? Product suicide? Or just vandalism?
  6. Oh my God. This has been going on for more than a year. That's really frightening. I'm a Windows 10 user, so in my case, this problem can't possibly be blamed on a legacy OS. I'm getting these extremely intrusive popups that are wreaking havoc with my efforts to do video capture with Camtasia. When I am making a video and these little popups occur, it forces me to pause, edit the video and generally lose lots of time. This is outrageous. I DID INSTALL the goddam update it prompted me to install. Multiple times! DOESN'T help. It keeps prompting me to install it again, and again, and again. Following instructions here and in other forums where lots of people are complaining about this same problem, I do the following: Settings -> Protection -> Updates Off / Notify Me Off, as well as Settings -> Application -> Application Updates Off / Notify Me Off Does ZERO good. The settings instantly relapse to their defaults, completing ignoring my attempts to configure updates and notifications. The configuration buttons in Settings are there for show only. They do NOTHING. I love Malwarebytes, but this is extremely annoying, and I really don't appreciate the prissy moralizing sarcasm of jackasses like digmorcrusher, so please call off your brown-nosing pitbulls and toadies. Try to be good customer advocates instead. Delete her offensive comment above, make this a safe place for customers to make complaints without being insulted, i.e. please limit this forum to people's complaints and the solutions you offer.
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