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  1. Is this link OK: https://store.malwarebytes.com/342/purl-anti-malware-business for Windows Server?
  2. OK if I have Premium Trial (14 days) version, should it work in trial mode? If not, I can purchase full version, just tell me will it be OK then? Thank you.
  3. Thank you OS is Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1, LOG is attached. Thank you again. MBAMSERVICE.ZIP
  4. I restarted Windows many times, it does not helped.. I also restarted Malwarebyte software, also not helped. Then I manually stopped Web-protection and Malare protection and wanted to do custom scan with all options checked (even with drive C) but scan also will not start for more then 5 mins..
  5. Hello I downloaded Malwarebyte today and restarted Windows after install because of root kit feature .. then I try to scan but it does do nothing .. I wait over 10 minutes, nothing. Alos, I can not start all protections, it says "Starting..." and it stay forever, please see images. What can I do? Thank you
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