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  1. I meant malwarebytes anti-malware. Does anyone know if it uploads suspicious files for analysis (manual and/or automated). I am not talking about AV scanning. On comodo, there was an option to turn this off. There isn't one for mbam, and I also don't see mention of it in the terms, so I am gonna guess it does not. Am I correct? Staff?
  2. Nvm problem was Comodo and mostly a faulty memory stick. I wasn't sure at the time because I had problems analyzing the crash dumps, but once I did, I realized it was comodo & memory corruption. Mbam & mbae were not at fault. I have re-installed them. I'm gonna miss comodo's auto-sandbox though.
  3. Thanks for not replying. Solved it on my own by removing malwarebytes anti-exploit. I'm going to stay away from malwarebytes' products.
  4. Does malwarebytes upload executables for analysis? I couldn't find an option for this in the settings.
  5. Hi, I was running the latest version of mbam 2 and ran into a bunch of BSODs, so I decided to close it and remove its startup entry. It even crashed in safe mode with only mbam running. I have upgraded to mbam 3.0 and I haven't crashed since, but I just installed it, so we'll see. Running Windows 7 x64 with latest updates. Sorry if the cause is not mbam. I have not analyzed it. Minidump.zip
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