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  1. Thanks for the reply! The files were replaced by a file just called END. It's 1 KB (the other files were 1KB too) and opening it with Notepad++ just showed nothing but 2 brackets. My guess is that the (probably harmless) process that dumped those temporary files had finished and just left it. I'm probably going to leave it, too.
  2. I am scanning the entirety of my C:/ with MBAM right now, nothing found just yet.
  3. So I was cleaning out the temporary files left from Visual C++ on my C:/ drive, when I found 4 files all ending with .tmp that were there as well. Their names are as follows: EC8.tmp E831.tmp BF30.tmp 4C4B.tmp Looking the names of these online said they were something to do with malware, so I'm paranoid now. Are these files dropped by a piece of malware or are they system files that can be infected? Can I delete them?
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