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  1. I am not a computer geek so please bare with me. I have anti malwarebytes and ransomware installed. This computer is only about 2 years old and has had the above since day 1. Lately I have had a very strange thing happen. I was on "wheel of fortune" TV game site. On their pages there was a message saying I had "1 new message". I figured it was from Wheel (maybe saying I had won something) so I clicked on it. It took me to a totally different page with a recording saying my computer was infected with a virus and I needed to call them or they would shut my computer down so as to not infect the network. The only way out of that page (and I did not call them) was to shut my computer down (pulled the plug) and reboot. Then all was o.k. This has happened twice in the last week and I am certain it was due to some message saying "1 new message" on a legitimate site I was visiting(that I clicked on to get the message) Could this be a virus in my computer or just the threat trying to get into it? I have seen where anti malwarebytes has detected something on several occasions lately. Is this how Odin or one of the other viruses work? If you answer to this please advise where to report such a thing as has happened to me lately and what do I send them other than my story to investigate. Thanks. Debony123
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