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  1. EDIT: That was a bit confusing. There are 2 java's in open with... Which are javaw.exe and java.exe. It seems renaming java.exe removes it. I have reasons why I need this but I would like to give you them in pm's if that's okay.
  2. Perhaps, I didn't get my point across. I don't want to uninstall java. I just want to remove that from Open with... Because I changed the name of the file so it wouldn't show up. And I get confused on which Java is the correct java (javaw.exe) which is what I need to open with it. I just want it to be known as java.exe. But only have javaw.exe in the Open with... Cheers, Thanks anyway thank you for the response. :-) I know you can't really assist me any further because it would be unsafe for you to guide me through the registry, and delete stuff.
  3. There is probably an incredibly easy solution for this but I can't seem to find one. (This isn't UN-associating this with a specific file type) When you right click a file. Sometimes there is an option to click open with right? Then there's a window that popups and says "How do you want to open this file", and it gives you a list of programs. Now here's where my computer OCD kicks in. When you click choose another app, there are some other programs there. I want to remove java.exe A.K.A Java(TM) Platform SE binary from the choose another app list. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Close this topic until I gather more information and request staff to re-open Cheers,
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